Zeemee's Infiltrainer Guide
Written by "Zeemee Infiltrainer" - Level 36 Saracen Infiltrator - Galahad server --- Last Update 6/3/02 Another BIG UPDATE new tactics, linx, and diary Also New Sections RvR Tips and Solo Guide too... as always I'm grateful for your feedback. keep it coming, thank you.
Feel free to cut and paste this stuff to Word for your printer :o) Also for those of you complaining about the font size try right clicking your IE browser's tool bar and select customize. There you can add a font size icon and increase the font on the fly very easily :o) PS left clik & drag on the text to change its color or triple clik left mouse. And for gawds sake, hit the F11 key!!!

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I started this web page to keep notes and compare stats on my 2 Infs Zeemee & Xeemee. I plan to have Xee catch up to Zee's level 35 and then compare data as they level. I also plan to spec them totally different from each other so that I can document the results & determine actual effectivenes. I make this information public in order to help me accomplish this mission easier with input from others & hope to help others attempting to level such a challenging class in DAOC.

The Infiltrator is the most challenging & fun character for me to play on DAOC. This is just 1 way to play an Infiltrator that's worked for me. At level 21 Zeemee solo'd yellow Hobgoblins with ease & killed orange singles too. She also successfully solo'd yellow & blue CONS at the same time on numerous occasions. Poisons usually do between 100-200 "extra" dmg during a full melee on yellow CONS. BS damage on first attack is about 60hp + poison using Dark Scimitar. 2nd attack about 40hp++ (when I was 21) I have finished many solo battles on yellow CONS with 3/4 HP left. This is also due to Evade.
Zeemee's Old Priority Training Order. (in the 20s) Envenom, Stealth, CS, thrust, DW, Slash. (Dex, Quick & Strength enhancing magic items) This was pre 2.5x spec points patch. --- I recommend noobs to build their infs by keeping slash or thrust at 2/3 level minimum (with items)... auto-train Stealth to 32 or keep it at your level with items. Build CS slowly to get the styles you want to use. CS level determines your cap which will be maxed easier on lower con mobs so if you are hitting yellows or higher then you prolly wont be maxing your cap. Also basically get your CS up mostly for styles and cap level. Choose the right weapons to battle different mobs. slow weapon for big perf then fast weps for cast interupt & quick damage output etc. thrust for chain slash for leather etc. Decide on the right styles to use like stun ability or bleed interupt/stealth prevention damage etc. Build envenom in stages to get the DOTs you want & try to get envenom items. Learn when to use which poisons. Add DW in the later stages. Lots more to know & develop ...

Zeemee's New Level 50 Template - Still working... lots of time to think about it because leveling is slow - Considering(with items)
LEVEL 40 --- STL31(40) Thr23(28) CS34(37) Env31(35) DW16(20) SL5(9)
LEVEL 42 --- STL33(42) Thr23(28) CS34(37) Env32(35) DW16(20) SL5(9)
LEVEL 43 --- STL34(43) Thr24(30) CS34(37) Env32(35) DW29() SL5(9)
LEVEL 45 --- STL35(45) Thr25(35) CS34(38) Env35(41) DW34(39) SL5(9)
LEVEL 50 --- STL39(50) Thr29(40) CS46+1(50) Env39(48) DW34(39) SL5(9)
This would allow 29 Thrust from Behind – 34DW off evade – Higher CS is goal.
LEVEL 50 update - with RR4 ... STL36(50) Thr39(54) CS44(59) Env34(48) DW34(43) SL5(9) ... or ... STL36(50) Thr50(65) CS39(54) Env34(48) DW28(34) SL5(9)

Zeemee's Leveling Diary
Level 27 update - Got Envenom up to 25, Stealth 23, Crit 20 (with items) and it was a tough level. We were mauling Dunters in Lyonesse (red & purple) & they resisited my venom often but I never died. My BS on them was as high as 80hp plus 70crit. The Monks in Llyn Barfog (orange & red) we're tough because thrust losses. So i guess I need to find new MOBs as Catacombs are boring. Venom was doing about 30x5 dmg when it took.
Level 28 - 29 Update - Got Perforate Artery & worked on new tactics for it's use. I still use BS II chain at times & prefer Shadows Edge over Garrot because of the quickness & low cost. P/A did as high as 230hpd on even red cons. Spent most of the time in Snowdonia with a great group. We killed Frogs, Arawnites, Boars, Lizards, & Hills Scrags for 1000k to 2400k xp per MOB. I could solo Frogs for great xp. Venom Poison worked well on most MOBS.
Level 30 - 31 Update - P/A still hard to use in a large group and if i attack too soon i get aggro from very purple cons. P/A is still kewl though. It helps if Tanks know that Infiltrators need to be stealthed in FRONT of a MOB to P/E. Then we all stand on top of each other without moving around much. I might train Envenom to keep the damage consistant & not worry so much about the hard hit. This might make RvR tougher. Good group mobs are Farmers lizards and trees in Lyonesse as well as Echos in Barrows. Solo neutral Frogs in far SE corner of Salisbury Plains during the day only.
Level 32 - 34 Update - Whew! Very tough to get xp. I was all over the map. I think that Vigs in the barrows are good with a good group though. I am using dual lion fang thrusters with minor lethal venom. The venom is doing from 27-30 hp per tick. Using player made imbued Cymric Leather and Dejected Leather. DMG on purple vigs at 34 with PA was about 55+30poison and then about 25+poison after. Solo yellow rooters & yellow ponies in dartmoor too. Also no new styles to play with in these levels so leveling is anti climactic.
Stats at level 35 (with items) - Stealth 27(35), CS 34(37), Env 26, Thrust 19(24), Slash 5(8), DW 6(9) Backing off Envenom for a bit to build Thrust. Wow Love the new patch fix. 2.5 points !!!
  • 35 RvR Update -- Lots of fun killed Blue standing Troll Cleric in Chain Armor easy. Lurkeens easy too. Lots of Elf wizards. Tried sitting Yellow Norsman but his friends killed me. Stood in keep waiting for unsuspecting victems to relax. Easy Pickings. Lots to develop here.

    Attack Basics & News -
  • Build a macro for auto-stick and put it in your quickbar. (/macro stick /stick)
  • Zee never pulls MOBs. Sell your Cross Bow. Too much weight, not enough damage, expensive bolts, no BS ability. Not the Assasin way anyway. Assasins suppose to be stealthy & use poisons. Update - Xeemee my briton slasher Infiltrator is like a mercenary with poison so far. she still uses a xbow while auto training stealth to 28 or 32. Zee might even use her xbow now :o/
  • Distraction Ability - In order to be able to hide better, thieves learn how to use "Distractions". They learn this ability by training in the Stealth specialization. You can greatly increase your hiding chances if you approach a monster from behind - and distractions give you the opportunity to do this. To distract a monster, first hide by using your stealth skill. Move towards the monster. Target an area where you want the monster to turn by using the "target area" function (F5 by default). Use [shift][arrow keys] to position where to distract to. Then click on the distract icon that your readied in your quickbar. If successful, the monster will turn and face that area. Please note that the monster has a chance of turning around and immediately attacking you if you fail the distract roll. The higher you specialization in Stealth, the better your distracting will be. Distract is great BUT not that useful since your stealth ability is usually high enough to prevent detection when soloing anyway. Can be useful in turning MOBs back for the whole group to run by.
  • Attack Sequence - Stealth hide, select a MOB, close in from behind, auto-stick and maneuver with strafe (Q and W keys) Start attack while hidden with Back-Stab Style chain. (practice on grey CON MOBs) Auto-stick also works great when running towards a MOB that's rushing by. Careful though :o=
  • It would be great if you tanks that are pulling the MOBs and the aggro used this tactic to turn the MOB and expose their backs to us at the start of battle. This helps out a lot unless the MOB keeps switching targets.
  • Perforate Artery - I wish that people who pull would not move until we get the perf off. Attacking after pulling is a must for tanks but dont move around. We will get the aggro if need be. Even a cloth wearer can live when pulling if they just DONT MOVE. (pet peave)
  • You cannot remain stealthed if you execute your target in one round. nerf patch 1.50
  • Infs Chances to evade -- Level 5 Evade II = 10% -- Level 10 Evade III = 15% -- Level 20 Evade IV = 20% -- Level 30 Evade V = 25% -- Level 40 Evade VI = 30% -- Level 50 Evade VII = 35%
  • We get detect hidden with our 16th level stealth & Climb Walls at 25th level Stealth.
  • A small unspecced shield that infs can use only blocks 1 blow 5% of the time & adds nothing to AF. (might be higher for arrows/bolts)
  • Use /face when selecting mobs with Xbow
  • Keep extra supply of poison & extra arrows in the vault when hunting in the Dartmoor/Cornwall/Lyonesse region. Saves time but careful with obsolescence.
  • A new topic was brought up today about the possibilty of DW causing the snare to break when using Garrot style. hmmm. If true this only gets worse as you level DW. Besides, Garrot already has a high price to pay in endurance and defense penalty. BLAH!
  • I am realizing that there are lots of ways to spec your inf and he/she doesn't have to be 'perfect' to be fun and/or very successful. Although uberness lowers frustration amounts a bit.
    Back-up Assault Tactic - (top)
    I have been experimenting with the back-up styles since from the patch change that enabled it to be possible. I NOW stick every Evade chain easily. My technique for doing this is simple.
  • I lead off with Garotte(or Ameth) to open with (unless im using Perf)
  • Once I make the 1st hit I quickly do Hamstring AND Garotte as back-up. Therefore if I dont evade I end up doing the Garotte.
  • After the 2nd hit I quickly do Leaper AND A/H as back-up. So if I i didn't evade the last round the 3rd attack will automatically do A/H but if I did evade then it automatically does Leaper.
  • After the 3rd hit I quickly do Hamstring AND Garrote as a back-up again. thereby repeating the cycle.
    This techniques takes practice as timing is everything BUT the key is the Garotte (or Ameth or Perf) opener. Also slower weps make it easier for the n00b. For me the evade moves do about 20%-60% more damage than the Garotte AND save tons of endurance. So at my level 35 I find the evade moves very easy and worthwhile. Thanks MYTHIC for the patch upgrade.(whatever version it was)

    Envenom Tactics -
    Since I haven't found any way to magically enhance my Envenom skill yet, this style should be trained in most agressively. (we now have item bonuses) The problem that I have heard is that the Envenom style is weak. This is true if you train it low because the high CONS you attack when grouping may resist. However if you give it a high priority then the poisons will be higher level and therefore effective on red & purple CONS and this will greatly help the group with Debuffs and additional damage. Use DOT poisons & Strength Debuff Poisons for PvE. Also use an Attack Style with a bonus 'to-hit' so you will be effective with the high CONs. Remember all you need to do is hit once for the high level poison to do its damage. It's like having an auto-hit, auto-dmg weapon. During RvR, the poison DOT effect will interrupt casters for at least 5 rounds. Use it on the opposing cleric, and he is rendered useless. (unless healed) another reason for HIGH level poisons... to prevent resisting the poison.
  • Quote from a post – “minor enerverate...is great. Someone used it on me and my str went down by 45 which immediately encumbered me..(couldnt run)..but it also took some con which lowered my hp significantly. He took over 200 hp from what I could tell in that short time. So with a CS of 250 and hp loss from posion of like 230 and his bonus hit of 200 for the Cs he took almost all my hp's in his first strike. Believe me it helps alot..not only in RvR but to solo as well.” (Zee tried to research this on frogs in S/P. They hit me for similar damage with & without the poison.) This was Nerf'd in Feb/02 - Minor Enervating reduces CON, so a successful hit will reduce your targets hit-point total. The Weakening poisons reduce STR, but tests have shown that you need to vary STR by about 20-30 points just to see a 1 point difference in damage, which is really not noticeable for damage but good to encumber.
  • Envenom Item Bonuses - Ok ... so I tested my Frenzied Thruster tonight (+4) envenom to see how it worked for the poison ability. I was level 26 envenom but with the thruster in hand I was level 30. I bought some lesser lethal and put it on all my weapons(about 6 weapons), except the frenzied thruster which wouldn’t take. Then I put the frenzied thruster away and went looking for MOBs. The poison worked off all the weapons even when I wasn't using the frenzied thruster. Did 31 dps with lesser lethal instead of 26 dps with minor lethal :o)

    Triple Poison Technique of Doom

    1. Prepare a strong one-handed weapon in your two-handed slot. Be sure to Envenom it with DOT poison.Then put that weapon in your Quick-Bar.
    2. Envenom your Right hand weapon with DOT poison and your left hand weapon with Debuff Poison. Be sure that these two weapons are lit up and ready to use
    3. Stealth hide, sneak & BS chain the MOB for the first 5 turns then activate your two handed weapon on the quick-bar and quickly press an attack style or attack mode button. This will start a new round of DOT poison and hopefully finish the MOB.
  • I also keep this weapon in reserve when the group is having trouble with a MOB and needs that extra punch to keep someone from getting killed or when being unexpectedly over-run. If the group is able to handle the MOBs easily then dont use these expensive poisons as much. (money has not been an issue yet)

    Poison Backpack Attack
    Now, I even keep a 4th envenomed weapon in my backpack to use in the middle of a big melee. Just make sure to re-select a target after switching weapons from a backpack. (switch weapons by clicking the BP weapon then clicking the RH weapon, select MOB, stick, attack) This is getting expensive, but not an issue yet. (24 level now) ... update ... 4 of us pulled & squished :o= 2 purple snowdonia frogs (worry wart) by mistake & even though I couldn't hit much, this technique did almost 200hp poison damage on each MOB!!! I call this the Backpack Attack :o=

    Grouping Tips -
  • Grouping and using the /Stick and Cross Slash technique is great (usually after your CS opener)
  • Shadows Edge is great when in a group. Just /stick & spin to the back of MOB and fire away. (Usually after CS opener) You can also run thru the mob & re /stick to their back. S/E Style has a bonus to-hit which is very important when going after the harder to-hit purple CONs
  • When grouping, you don't need to be in a rush to attack the MOB because you will draw aggro and become a potential mana drain.
  • Rumor that smarter higher level MOBs have been reported to aggro on us when we have low CON armor because they find us to be an easy kill. To help minimize this I now try to have my armor CON yellow or higher with only 1 or 2 pieces of armor that CON lower. Even though I don't believe it :o/
  • Zee's best lower levels group tactic is to Stealth hide, stick and BS with poisons followed by Shadows Edge after your BS chain and ALWAYS from behind. You will help finish the kill in about 4 turns depending on the CON. (Before having higher level styles)
  • Remember that Debuff Poison will help the group tanks take less damage and therefore help clerics with mana. This makes Infiltrators more group friendly.
  • I like to use side positional moves when working in chaotic group situations. ie. Pincer or cross slash or side slicer etc. (ps side slicer is a REAR attack)
  • Also remember to attack the same MOB as everyone else, usually the strongest CON.
  • Try not to attack the mezzed MOBs(they are the ones not moving around, sometimes have glowing heads) Toggle through using your select enemy button until you find the right target in a crowd. The one taking damage. :o= -- It would be nice if snare poison worked like a limited mezz. It would make Infs more group friendly.
  • I'm having fun with a Delayed P/A tactic. Six of us camped the clerks in Lyonesse. We pulled 3 MOBs at a time, orange red & purple CONs. I would just wait 'til the MOB was 1/2 down and then P/A. Many times I did not un-stealth. The best part is, I would walk away (& re-stealth if necessary) to do another P/A. I was actually able to do 3 successful P/A attacks in a row. We had a minstrel mezzing. The Purple CON would sometimes blow my cover so I had to be careful.
  • Finaly got to work on the /assist command tonite. Xee grouped in Cats and made a macro (/macro AST /assist leadtank) in quick-bar position 8 and (/macro stk /stick) in position 7 and Reflect in position 6. When he pulled a mob I just did 8-7-6 to lead off. Sometimes I had to double hit each button. This technique kept the mez'd mobs mez'd and the brunt of the hits on 1 mob at a time.

    Buffs & Stats -
  • Infs add 1 dex every level -- 1 Quickness every 2 levels -- 1 strength every 3 levels
  • The cap is your base stats(including your 30 stat points and stat points gained from leveling) plus 1.4 times char lvl
    You get around 2 to 3 HP per point of con. Ask for it only if you plan on getting hit. The consensus is that strengths buffs don’t seem to add a lot of damage. If it improves your weapon skill number then it probably improves your chance to hit, so get it. Ask for Dex, Strength & Quickness buffs. Note: Quickness will lower the DPS on your perf. It's good If not using opening styles, or in a high volume PvE group. Also Bladeturn for defense mostly in RvR and Weapon damage buffs for offense especially if you Dual Wield.

    Slash or Thrust
    - (top)
  • 1. Styles. Thrust: Several styles start from an evade which we do a lot. Includes two single-attack bleeds. Slash: has a good high level use-anytime style (amethyst). (rumor - The 44 style Wyvernfang is based off of Tranquilize (no opening). Classes ... have it chained off Beartooth which is incorrect)
  • 2. Weapons. Thrust: tend to be faster, which is good for interrupting casters and delivering poison quickly. Slash: tend to be slower but bigger-hitting, which is better for maximum damage dps.
  • 3. Weapon availability. Thrust: very few fighters choose to use one-handed thrusters, so there's less competition to get weapons that drop in groups. Slash: there are more slashing weapons available as quest items or one-time drops.
  • 4. Base Damage. Thrust: damage is based on the average of STR and DEX, while slash is based on STR. However you spec a scout or infil you will always end up with more DEX than STR, so thrust makes the most of your attributes. Slash: base damage is higher (this is disputed).
  • 5. Damage bonuses. Thrust: gives bonus against chain and scale, giving you a much better chance of killing an enemy fighter or healer; you don't need a bonus against casters. Slash: gives a bonus against leather and cloth, and in practice you will most often find yourself up against enemy rogues. (thrust has a penalty to leather)
  • 6. Damage resists. Thrust: because slash is popular with fighters, realm enemies kit themselves out with slash-resistance gear. Slash: true, but not highly significant.

    Formula used for critical strike attacks
    (from a message board post)
    - (top)
    You perform your Style perfectly. (+)
    You attack the mob with your weapon and hit for (+ARMOR) damage!
  • BASE is your normal weapon damage.
  • MULT is the bonus for the style.
  • ARMOR is the bonus/penalty for your weapon on that particular armor, and is a percentage of BASE+(BASE*MULT).
    So, your base will greatly affect the bonuses on your Crit Strike styles as well. Apparently, the armor bonus damage is added in to your total number already. Critical Strike raises your damage cap by a nearly insignificant amount (around 9 i think) for every point put into it, so all you really get is styles, most of which are huge endurance costs and have multiple effects........ CS doesn't seem to raise your max damage on normal strikes, only on the damage cap. So attacking a yellow with 21 CS won't be much different than attacking with 31 CS if all you do is perforate. But attacking a grey, you will hit for 90 more damage because your cap was raised.The minimum damage modifier effects your hits.For ANY kind of weapon style INCLUDING critical strike.
  • The Formula
    you hit for (Base*Bonus Style%)
    hit a mob for (Base+(Base*Bonus Style%) armor modifier) so your bonusses AND your base hits are effected by a weapon spec. Bonusses are calculated by taking your base and multiplying it by your Bonus style percentage. Thus the higher base, the higher bonus...Base itself is determined solo on Weapon specs. If you have a low weapon spec you will not hit as high most of the time as your minimum will be WAY down there. When attacking even con targets, you will hit for your minimum quite a bit. Thus you will want to use the best Thruster you could use. When attacking lower cons (sitting greens or greys) you'll most likely hit for your cap regardless of weapon speccing. So it's possible on a one hit kill scenario on lower cons you could hit your cap using a diff weapon.
  • Staff potentially does more CS opener damage as the delay is longer, but since you cant train in crush or staff your damage will be wildly inconsistant. 1 skill point(starting) = 25-125% damage
    The system for CS Styles and any Style for that matter is:
    You perform your *Move* perfectly (Base*Bonus Damage %age)
    You hit soandso for (Base + (Base*Bonus Damage %age) + X) (+X)
    X is the armor bonus or penalty.
    So as you can see when you hit for a low base it will REALLY come into effect on damages.
    (post) Thrust/slash, along with dex and strength, increases your weapon skill, which increases your minimum damage, which in effect raises your avg dmg, which will allow you to cap out more often. Your PA cap is based on your level of cs, and your weapon. delay & quality affect damage “and”’ cap.

    Stealth stuff
    (board post)
    - (top)
    For every point under 50 when dealing with a level 50 non detect hidden class (assassin). The range with which your stealth bubble is breakable is increased by 20 range. (125 is the length of a horse) When dealing with assassins with detect hidden, the number is bumped to 50 or approximately 40% of a horses length.
    So, yes, 50 stealth is important. How important is all in the eyes of the beholder. You see, stealth is on a pulsing effect. Every three seconds, your char's stealth bubble appears. If you are within range of someone in that time with that bubble the size it is, you will get spotted. The smallest bubble you will ever have is 125, adding 20 to that seems like no big deal.
  • the formula:
    with 23 stealth going against a 35 assassin the range of his detection is:
    (35 (his level) - 23 (your stealth) ) times 50 (12 times 50 = 600) + 125 = 725
    125 is the length of a horse. 725 = he can see you from 6 horse lengths away.... =/
    with a non detect hidden type it would be:
    (35 - 23) times 20 (20*12= 240) + 125 = 365 or right around 3 horses length.
    If they are in that radius of you during one of the three second interval stealth pulses to the server, they will see you.
    (Board post) I actually tested this on Pendragon with an Inf on one account and a NS on the other. There was no difference in stealth detection between 100% stealth and 120% stealth. There was also no difference in stealth detection between 100% base stealth and 100% stealth while including bonuses.
  • As for the run speed question - It's calculated on base stealth, without items. So with a base stealth of 30 (with items say 40) you will not run as fast as someone with base stealth of 40. (rumor - cap on the run speed which stops at 30)
  • I've personally seen a level 20 Inf w/23 stealth move much faster than me while hidden. (Too bad he didn't use these more effective tactics)
  • Auto-Training Stealth - As you level the trainer will say that you must have your stealth at the minimum level needed for your profession & therefore he will raise it by 1 if it is lower than that minimum. Which is basically Ľ your level. It starts at level 8 and increases every 4 levels by 1. So level 8 = level 2 stealth, level 12 = level 3 stealth, level 16 = level 4 stealth etc… So auto-training allows you to gain extra points you would have spent on stealth to use wherever you'd like even on higher levels of stealth. Auto-Training stealth to 32 gains 35 spec points.

    Facts about armor: as told by an 900+ skilled armorer -
    Quality is the single most important stat to your armor. It affects the effective AF twice, it affects your absorption and it affects how much durability it looses when repaired Effective AF = Base AF * Quality * Quality * Condition
  • 80 -- Crappiest mob dropped. Try to get your enemies to wear this .. It is JUNK!
  • 85 -- Vender sold. This is only for people in to much of a hurry to find an armorer.
  • 89 -- Most Mob drops
  • 90 -- Worst Player made
  • 100 -- Quest gear and the ultra rare Masterpiece player made.
    Condition: Many people wonder when to repair their armor. Each time you repair you drop the durability a bit more untill it can no longer be repaired. Your armor and weapons have condition 'points' which are not linear with the visable condition.
  • 90 Condition --- Your armor has used up half of its condition points
  • 70 Condition --- Your armor is fully degraded and will no long go down any more.
  • You can always wear armor that is Orange Red or Purple to you. But be aware of your AF cap. (check the Total AF on your player stats) Purple armor will wear out at a scary rate and will quickly become usless. Red will cost a bunch to repair but Orange con is not to bad.
  • Armor Coverage --- This is a description of how many pieces of armor a player is wearing. Having just a set of gloves on does not give as much protection as wearing a chest piece, since the chest covers more of the body. In DAoC this is modeled by assigning a certain amount of coverage to an armor piece. The numbers assigned are: Chest–8 Legs–5 Sleeves–3 Helm–2 Boots–1 Gloves–1
    To determine how much coverage a player has, simply add up the numbers of the armor pieces worn. The protection provided is the same for any combination of items that sum to the same number, assuming they are of the same quality, base AF, and armor class. For example, if a player wears a chest and helm this will provide as much protection as if the same player had worn legs, sleeves, boots and gloves. Both combinations of armor have a coverage of 10.
    It is interesting to note that as the amount of armor coverage increases, the displayed armor factor of a player goes up faster. For example: a player has a displayed armor factor of 66 when having a coverage of 10 – the player is wearing a chest piece and a helm. If a full suit of the armor were worn (coverage 20) the players displayed armor factor would be more than double the previous value, 139 instead of the expected 132 (66 x 2). Therefore it is in the player’s best interest to always wear a full suit of armor to take advantage of this coverage bonus.
  • Everyone has a Max AF that goes up by level. If you are wearing all yellow armor (even player made) you will benifit from a piece of Orange con armor or a cleric buff. If you have all orange/red armor you are probably at your AF cap for level. You can always wear armor that is Orange Red or Purple to you. But be aware of your AF cap. (check the Total AF on your player stats) Purple armor will wear out at a scary rate and will quickly become usless. Red will cost a bunch to repair but Orange con is not to bad. Con levels: DAoC uses what they call 'Quanta' which change from level to level. Something that is one quanta above you is orange two red ect.

    Sanya from Mythic on Weapons, Bonus% and Damage from specialization. -
  • Quality - the direct modifier to how much damage your weapon does.
  • Condition - another direct modifier, but one that kicks in AFTER quality.
  • Durability - has no effect on anything but how long a weapon will remain in the world.
  • So, all other things being equal (and dozens of factors go into the damage rolls, I can't explain them all without some serious mathematics, and guys, cut me some slack, I majored in theatre and secondary English education), if you (with your skill in the weapon type) wielding the weapon could do 100 damage, but the quality and condition of the weapon were both 80%, then the weapon would first be cut to 80 (quality) and then 80% of 80 (the second 80% being the weapon's condition).
  • Bonus - This takes into account any bonuses on the armor of the person you're hitting. I'll use the simplest possible example. Let's say your opponent is wearing a shirt with a 10% bonus. You have a sword with a 15% bonus. What you then have is a 5% addition to your "to hit" (which is simply your chance to hit the opponent). It doesn't affect how MUCH you hit for, it increases your chances of landing a hit on him at all.
  • Your specialization in the weapon type determines your "range" - the number between the minimum damage the weapon can do and the maximum. Let's say someone with no spec in sword can hit, with a certain type of sword, for as low as 5 points and as many as 20. If you have points in that type, you could still only hit for a max of 20, but your damage floor would be higher - let's say 10. The more spec points, the higher the floor. So being speced in a weapon type means you will over time do a much higher average damage than someone who is untrained.
  • (catacombs)If your class can put skill points into Slashing/Thrusting you receive the styles associated with it and an increase in minimum damage. It's been said that weapon damage variance follows the same progression as spell variance: When fighting a monster of equal level, 1 skill point(starting) = 25-125% damage, 2/3 of max skill points = 75%-125% damage; max skill points = 100%-125% damage.
  • (post)Qualtiy wont increase Max damage, it seems to increase average damage as weap skill does.I tested this with the new arcanium weapons. I was using a powder maker as my one shotter : 15.8/3.7 , 89% qual, max PA at 50 CS = 711 The new arcanium gladius : 16.1/3.7 , 95% qual , max PA at 50 CS =714 You can see the increase in damage is purely off the extra 3 dps.Qual hasn't helped increase max damage. ,Yes disapointing but the 35% bonus however is important. The arcanium dirks are quite disappointing as their dps is only 15. I tested a 15/2.2 98% qual , max PA at 50CS was 623 i think. Compare that to the feather light PA cap of 640 at 50CS and i will not be giving up the feathers just yet.
  • (post)About feather vs mouths tooth. You might do well to keep a feather in your right hand & a mouths tooth in your left. The Speed on the feather is 2.3 this is much faster and it gives more chances for the slow speed weapon in the other hand to swing. I used to do this with gauches and dirks at low lvls & will again, once I get a mouths tooth. (post - Quality dosn't effect max damage. Quality effects the DPS of your weapon. weapon delay is the only thing that effect your weapon cap. SO: 15.2 DPS at 100% is 15.2 DPS -- 16.2 DPS at 90% is 14.58 DPS -- so really quality does help in DPS terms... but if the 16.2 had more stats or a bigger proc than the 15.2, it might make up for it. You will never hit the 16.2 DPS the weapon lists, as the quality will never raise above 90%.
  • (rumor) The wieght of a weapon affects your endurance meter. So a lighter weapon makes it last longer. (hmmm i will test this)

    Dual Wield Description
    - (top)
    When striking a monster and wielding a weapon in each hand, you have a 50% chance to swing either weapon. It's possible that your secondary weapon can swing multiple times in a row, so it's a good idea to have a decent off hand weapon.
    Dual Wield specialization determines how often you are able to swing with both weapons simultaneously [25%][(Skill / 2)%]. After double hitting, the delay between your next swing is either your right or left weapon's delay (50% chance of either).
    As your Dual Wield skill gets higher it is important to wield two very fast weapons of approximately the same speed. The reason for this is that the faster weapons you have, the more often you will pull off a double hit. If you have one large slow weapon and one quick weapon, your damage will be inconsistant and any time it attempts to use the large slow weapon's delay it means less opportunities to do a double hit.
    The effectiveness of your dual wielded weapons damage is still governed by your skill in that weapons type. For example, if you used two small swords then advancing your sword skill will impact the damage done with them.
  • Update - (post)"The most accurate formula that I have seen is 25% + skill(.5) + lvl(.25). I have done extensive logs with my Level 41 Mercenary and this formula is almost dead accurate. " (post) If you DW, then it counts the last weapon to strike for delay time. I use a 3.7 weapon mainhand and a 2.7 weapon off hand. Everytime I DW I notice the next hit comes much sooner than if I only hit with my mainhand. In fact, if I DW after on my SS I can almost squeeze in 3 strikes before CD stun wears off. If I don't DW after SS then I only get 2 strikes in. (reply post - from my exp it really seems that when you style the speed of the lead hand is used. Your means styling with a fast off hander would let your lead hand hit incredibly fast for big damage with a gladius assuming a high dual wield. I dont think thats what happens. Although if your right Enoon that means very high dual wield is well worth it. (re reply - I'll try and test it with some 2.0 dirks and my 3.7 mainhand. With 2x 2.0 dirks I can PA, evade, CD, SS, Ham, Ham, Leaper and get hit right before I leaper. With 3.7 and 2.7 weaps I PA, evade, CD, SS and depending if I DW or not here, Ham, get hit Leaper or Ham, Ham get hit Leaper. The hit either happens right before the leaper or right after the second Ham. I believe it's because the swing time is being based off my 2.7 off hand, when you style you always hit with the mainhand, but if the offhand swings also, I believe the delay is based on the offhand. The fights I've had have lead me to believe that, though I don't have any logs or parsed info to prove it.

    Info on weapons from a Master Weaponsmith of Lancelot. (post) -

    Currently there are 8 tiers of weapons: (Levels are based on when the weapon first turns yellow)
    Bronze lvls 1-5 ---- Iron 6-10 ---- Steel 11-15 ---- Alloy 16-20 ---- Fine Alloy 21-25 ---- Mithril 26-30 ---- Adamantium 31-35 ---- Asterite 36-40
    Breakdown of the levels: Slashing/Thrusting
    Dagger/Shortsword (LH) Dirk (LH)
    Handaxe/Broadsword (LH) Stilletto (LH)
    Scimitar Main Gauche (LH)
    Longsword Rapier
    Bastard Sword Gladius
    ** LH = Left-Hand Useable

    So a bronze dagger or dirk is level 1, while a bronze bastard sword or gladius is level 5. They also go from fastest to slowest (dagger/dirk fastest, bastard sword/Gladius slowest). This may be why you hear people saying that slower weapons have higher dps. For example, a fine alloy dirk is level 21 and has say a dps of 8.0 and 2.2 spd, while a fine alloy gladius is level 25 with dps 9.0 and spd 3.7 (dps and spd numbers aren't exact). So yes, a fine alloy gladius will do much more damage over time than the fine alloy dirk. However, you could go with a mithril dirk (level 26) and have dps 9.2 spd 2.2... now the dirk is doing more damage over time.

    Specialty weapons (*note* these are only makeable starting at fine alloy and beyond.)
    Sabre and Jambiya (LH) Guarded Rapier
    These are one level higher than the normal for the tier
    So the level for the fine alloy sabre or jambiya or guarded rapier is 26. Mithril 31, adamantium 36, asterite 41.
    FYI the new materials coming out soon (please please come out soon) will follow these progressions as well.

    Level 52 Arcanium Saber (player made) 16.5/3.6 @100% Quality with 35% enchantment bonus.100% has 59.4 Base Damage
    Level 51 Arcanium Galdius with 100% Quality: 16.1/3.7 has a 59.57 Base damage (higher than a guarded rapier!) also 35% enchantment bonus
    Gladius @ 90% Quality: has effective 14.49 DPS 53.61 Base damage.
    Level 46 Ellyll Rapier Thrust 16.2/2.4 quality89% 20%bonus Qui+4, Thrust+3 Pennine Mountains Ellyll Guard Penninne or villagers
    Dropped lewt may have DD and improve weapon skill with thrust/slash bonuses but hopefully players will be able to make magic weps soon.

    Weapon Speed Discussion -
    DPS = damage per second. Suppose I have two weapons:
    Big Axe 10.0 dps delay 5.0s
    Lil Knife 10.0 dps delay 2.5s
    If the big axe hits for 50 points every time, the lil' knife hits for 25 points. The big weapon does more damage, because the damage is frontloaded:
    time 12345678901234567
    Big X...X...X...X...X
    Lil X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X
    At time point 1, damage is 20 vs. 10. At time point 11, it's 60 vs. 60. As the battle stretches out, equal dps weapons will do roughly equal damage, with a slight edge going to the SLOWER weapon.
    Options - Style damage is calculated based on the weapon's total damage. Since so much of your ability depends on landing the first style/style chains, it's critical you use a slow weapon on those to take advantage of the high style damage. specially if you have high CS levels. Try opening with a large slower weapon and then switching once your chain is done to the faster.
    Quote from post – “On the subject of slow vs fast weapons, I'd say fast all the way for RvR. I just upgraded from a slow gladius and main gauche to a pair of dirks (that have a much higher dps, admittedly), and while I still do impressive PA damage, I get the creeping death and it's 7 second stun in that much faster. Within that 7 second stun, I can get a SS, garrotte, and achilles off before they even have a chance to respond. With the slow weapon setup, I constantly missed my CD because of the /stick crap, and even when landing it, got 2 instead of 3 attacks. Against fast prey, I can now get my CD in faster than they can get their first strike, further helping the kill rate. Plus, a faster attack rate drastically reduces the chance of a quick cast, not that a mage should survive long enough for it to matter if I get the CD.”
  • The debate is that quickness buffs will shorten your delay when using styles only, and thus lower your dps which hurts the perf opener.
  • (rumor) There is a big jump in damage output when you go from 2/3 - 1 to 2/3 + 1 weaponskill. This "sweet spot" of 2/3 + 1 is after item adjustments.

    Inf Trainer Locations List
    Camelot: Eadig - Guild of Shadows South door under stairway passage. Edric - Down the stairs of the tower in the Guild of Shadows
    Lethantis: Qilith - Under North archway
    Swanton Keep: Brignun - Upstairs
    Caer Witrin: Noijan - Upstairs. (go SW from Grank the stable master & cross bridge, then SW to C/W.)

    Vault area's are in Camelot upstairs above the forge - Avalon Marsh at Station Wiceit & Cornwall Station ... and Castle Sauvage upstairs (nice to put siege parts & wood in your vault in Camelot & pick them up here)

    Albion Poison Merchants: -
    Camelot, 2nd floor of fletching shop Kedoenad - low level poison Velmis - high level poison
    Cotswold, Inside Inn, back room Velmis - low level poison
    Humberton, 2nd level of Humberton Keep, north corner Nydomath - low level poison
    Camp Forest, Camp Station merchant area Linidd - low level poison
    Avalon Marsh, Outland Warf Wiceit - low level poison
    Avalon Marsh, 2nd level Caer Witrin, north corner Etie - high level poison
    Black Mountains North, 2nd level Swanton Keep, NW corner Glaeric -high level poison
    Castle Sauvage, Courtyard Onyg - low level poison Melannon - high level poison
  • To find out details about each poison right click on it and shift "i"
  • Disease Poisons hinder passive hp regeneration, reduce the effectiveness of heal spells, small strength debuff, and have a snare effect. The disease snare effect does not wear off on the next hit. It lasts the full duration. (post update -- Disease poisons were rumord to 'snare' a target. However this didn't prove to be the case with all 3 highest forms of disease poison. Talatha and I raced a good 100 yard after the disease was applied. We stayed even the whole time. What was interesting though is that disease negated Sprint. Small Str debuff might encumber too.) (post) disease poison healers so the instas fail or your toast due to insta mez and nuked to death. Try DOTs on healer to interupt their healing ability.
  • Snare poisons are actually "root" poisons, but since the root is broken after the next damage (bleed/poison) they don’t seem very useful. Maybe to keep in reserve on spare weapon to aid escape then re stealth for 2nd round. I tested this on MOBs in PvE and they did NOT root. Maybe RvR... still testing. Update - minor crippling did root for a 'short' time (about 2 seconds)or until bleed/dot. too bad perf causes bleeding. .. OK 5/20/02 rumor that it will stun and hold your enemy... maybe only in RvR... still testing.

    DOT, Damage over time
    Lvl:/delve +25% dmg/ (round down) / Name
    01 09 * 1.25 = 11.25 (11) Minor Lethal Poison
    05 12 * 1.25 = 15.00 (15) Lesser Lethal Poison
    10 16 * 1.25 = 20.00 (20) Lethal Poison
    15 21 * 1.25 = 26.25 (26) Major Lethal Poison
    20 26 * 1.25 = 32.50 (32) Greater Lethal Poison
    25 31 * 1.25 = 38.75 (38) Minor Lethal Poison
    30 37 * 1.25 = 46.25 (46) Lesser Lethal Venom
    35 43 * 1.25 = 53.75 (53) Major Lethal Venom
    40 50 * 1.25 = 62.50 (62) Greater Lethal Venom
    45 57 * 1.25 = 71.25 (71) Insidious Lethal Venom
    50 64 * 1.25 = 80.00 (80) Lifebane
    Debuff Poison
    (wont lower ability below 60) - (post from a level 49 showed it lowered HP by 3.5 to 5 per con depending if buffed... WeaponSkill was also lowered)
    2 Minor Weakening Poison (decreases Str 18 points for 1 minute)
    6 Lesser Weakening Poison (decreases Str 24 points for 1 minute)
    11 Major Weakening Poison (decreases Str 33 points for 1 minute)
    17 Greater Weakening Poison (decreases Str 44 Con 0 points for 1 minute)
    22 Minor Enervating Poison (decreases Str 27+ Con 55 points for 1 minute)
    29 Lesser Enervating Poison (decreases Str 37+ Con 71 points for 1 minute)
    37 Major Enervating Poison (decreases Str 47+ Con 91 points for 1 minute)
    47 Greater Enervating Poison (decreases Str 61+ Con 118 points for 1 minute)
    Snare. (crippling does root until damaged... watch for a red flash and zap sound)
    3 Minor Imbalance Poison
    8 Lesser Imbalance Poison
    13 Major Imbalance Poison
    18 Greater Imbalance Poison
    23 Minor Crippling Poison
    27 Lesser Crippling Poison
    31 Major Crippling Poison
    42 Greater Crippling Poison
    Disease poison,
    4 Minor Infectious Serum
    16 Lesser Infectious Serum
    26 Infectious Serum
    38 Major Infectious Serum
    48 Greater Infectious Serum

    Albion's Crappy Horse Routes -
    Start Point: Nob's Farm in Camelot Hills: Destination: North Camelot Gates
    Start Point: North Camelot Gates Destination: Nob's Farm in Camelot Hills
    Start: Humberton Destination: Castle Snowdonia
    Start: Castle Snowdonia Destination: Humberton - Snowdodia Fortress to Castle Savauge
    Start: Ludlow Destination: Castle Sauvage
    Start: Castle Sauvage Destination: Ludlow or Adribard's Retreat in Avalon Marsh
    Start: Gronyr's Farm in Camelot Hills Destination: Campacorentin Station
    Start: Camapcorentin Station Destination: Gronyr's Farm in Camelot Hills or East Camelot Gates
    Start: East Camelot Gates Destination: Campacorentin Station or Snowdonia Station
    Start: Snowdonia Station Destination: East Camelot Gates
    Start: Adribard's Retreat (in avalon marsh) Destination: West Downs (in salisbury) or Castle Sauvage
    Start: West Downs (in salisbury) Destination: Adribard's Retreat (in avalon marsh)
    Start: Cornwall Station Destination: Caer Ulfwych (in camp forest)
    Start: Caer Ulfwych (in camp forest) Destination: Cornwall Station
    Start: Caer Witrin (in avalon marsh) Destination: Western Cornwall
    Start: Western Cornwall Destination: Caer Witrin (in avalon Marsh)

    Attack Styles -
    Critical Strike:
    2 - Backstab - Medium Fatigue, use from behind enemy, medium bonus damage, medium bonus to hit, medium penalty to defence, use while hidden
    4 - Eviscerate - Med fatigue, use after Backstab, high bonus damage, causes short duration attack speed reduction, small bonus 2hit, small penalty to defence
    6 - Kidney Rupture - Low fatigue, use after Eviscerate, Very high bonus damage, causes short duration bleed, small bonus to hit, medium penalty to defence
    8 - Pincer - Medium fatigue, Use from beside enemy, medium bonus damage, high bonus to hit, high penalty to defence
    10 - Backstab 2 - High fatigue, use from behind enemy, med bonus damage, high bonus to hit, med penalty to defence, use while hidden (rumored short stun)
    12 - Hamstring - Low fatigue, use after evading enemy, med bonus damage, causes med duration bleed, med bonus to hit, medium bonus to defence
    15 - Thigh Cut - Medium fatigue, use after Backstab 2, Very high bonus damage, medium bonus to hit, small penalty to defence
    18 - Garrote - High fatigue, use any time, med bonus damage, causes med duration movement reduction, med bonus to hit, med penalty to defence
    21 - Perforate Artery - Med fatigue, use in front of enemy, med bonus damage, Lng duration bleed, high bonus 2hit, med penalty to defence, use while hidden
    25 - Achilles Heel - Medium fatigue, use after Garrote, High bonus damage, causes long duration attack speed reduction, medium bonus to hit
    29 - Leaper - Low fatigue, after Hamstring, medium bonus damage, long duration bleed, high bonus to hit, small bonus to defence.
    34 - Creeping Death - Low fatigue, use after Perforate Artery, very high bonus damage, medium duration stun, high bonus to hit
    39 - Stunning Stab - Low fatigue, use after Creeping Death, very high bonus damage, very high bonus to hit, small bonus to defence
    44 - Rib Separation - Medium fatigue, after Leaper, high bonus damage, long duration movement reduction, high bonus to hit
    50 - Ripper - Medium fatigue, after Rib Separation, very high bonus damage, long duration bleed, high bonus to hit, small bonus to defence
    2 - Thistle - High fatigue, medium bonus damage
    4 - Ratfang - Low fatigue, use after evading target, medium bonus damage, short duration stun, medium bonus to hit, small bonus to defense
    6 - Puncture - Medium fatigue, medium bonus damage, light bleeding, medium bonus to hit
    8 - Sting - Medium fatigue, Low bonus damage, attempt to taunt NPC to attack you, medium bonus to hit, high defensive penalty for next round
    10 - Wolftooth - Medium fatigue, use after successful Ratfang, High bonus damage, short duration movement reduction, medium bonus to hit
    12 - Bloody Dance - Med fatigue, after successful puncture, med bonus damage, med duration bleeding, med bonus to hit, small defense penalty next round.
    15 - Beartooth - Low fatigue, use after blocking target, medium bonus damage, medium duration stun, high bonus to hit
    18 - Tranquilize - Medium fatigue, no bonus damage, attempt to lower NPC’s anger towards you, high defensive bonus for next round
    21 - Lunge - Medium fatigue, after successful puncture, medium bonus damage, high bonus to hit
    25 - Ricochet - Low fatigue, use after target is blocked by anyone, causes med duration bleeding, high bonus to hit, med penalty to defense for next round
    29 - Pierce - Medium fatigue, use from behind enemy, medium bonus damage, medium duration bleed, high bonus to hit, medium penalty to defense
    34 - Liontooth - Low fatigue, use after successful Wolftooth, medium bonus damage, long duration bleed, medium bonus to hit, small bonus to defense
    39 - Basiliskfang - (update rumor - use after tranquilize) Medium fatigue, use from beside target, medium bonus damage, heavy attack speed reduction, small bonus to hit, small bonus to defense
    44 - Wyvernfang - Low fatigue, Use after successful Beartooth, medium bonus damage, long duration movement reduction, medium bonus to hit
    50 - Dragonfang - Low fatigue, use after evading target, medium bonus damage, long duration stun, high bonus to hit, small penalty to defense
    Dual Wield:
    2 - Twin Spikes - Medium fatigue, very high bonus damage
    4 - Twin Return - Low fatigue, Use after evading enemy, medium bonus damage, Short duration bleed, Medium bonus to hit, small bonus to defense
    6 - Shadow’s Edge - Medium fatigue, use when behind target, high bonus damage, bonus to hit
    8 - Inflame - Medium fatigue, low bonus damage, attempt to taunt NPC to attack you, medium defensive penalty to next round
    10 - Orbit - Medium fatigue, use after successful Twin Return, Medium bonus damage, Short duration movement reduction, medium bonus to hit
    12 - Eclipse - Medium fatigue, use after successful shadow’s edge, medium bonus damage, short duration attack speed reduction, medium bonus to hit
    15 - Misty Gloom - High fatigue, use any time, Medium bonus damage, small bonus to hit
    18 - Obscure - Medium fatigue, no bonus damage, attempt to lower NPC’s anger towards you, high defensive bonus to next round
    21 - Penumbra - Medium fatigue, use after successful Shadow’s Edge, high bonus damage, high bonus to hit
    24 - Reflection - Low fatigue, use after target is parried by anyone, medium bonus damage, small bonus to hit, small bonus to defense for next round
    29 - Flank - Med fatigue, from either side of target, med bonus damage, med duration reduction to target’s movement rate, med bonus to defense next round
    34 - Dark Tendrils - Low fatigue, use after evading target, medium bonus damage, causes heavy bleeding, medium bonus to hit
    39 - Shadows Rain - Med fatigue, use after successful Flank, Med bonus damage, heavy attack speed reduction, med bonus to hit, small bonus to defense
    44 - Hypnotic Darkness - Medium fatigue, Use after successful Reflection, Medium bonus damage, Medium duration stun, high bonus to hit
    50 - Dual Shadows - Med fatigue, use from in front of enemy, med bonus damage, long duration bleed, med bonus to hit, medium penalty to defense
    2 - Ruby Slash - High fatigue, medium bonus damage
    4 - Cross Slash - Low fatigue, use from side of target, medium bonus damage, medium bonus to hit, medium bonus to defense
    6 - Uppercut - Medium fatigue, medium bonus damage, small bonus to hit
    8 - Enrage - Medium fatigue, low bonus damage, attempt to taunt target to attack you, medium penalty to your defense for the next round
    10 - Bloodletter - Medium fatigue, use after successful Cross Slash, Causes short duration bleed, high bonus to hit, medium bonus to defense
    12 - Reflect - Medium fatigue, no bonus damage, attempt to lower own aggro damage so target will switch off you, raise defense for next round
    15 - Opal Slash - Medium fatigue, Use after a successful Uppercut, medium bonus damage, causes light bleeding, bonus to hit
    18 - Riposte - Low fatigue, use after block opponent, high bonus damage, medium bonus to hit, medium bonus to defense for next round
    21 - Side Slicer - Light fatigue, (not REAR attack style anymore) - Must be used from either side of target, low bonus damage, causes reduced movement rate
    25 - Cleave - Low fatigue, Use after a successful Uppercut, medium bonus damage, bonus to hit
    29 - Amethyst Slash - Medium fatigue, low/medium bonus damage, large bonus to hit
    34 - Befuddler - Medium fatigue, use after successful Riposte, Medium bonus damage, causes medium duration Stun, medium bonus to hit
    39 - Back Slash - High fatigue, use from behind enemy, medium bonus damage, high bonus to hit
    44 - Sapphire Slash - Low fatigue, after successful Enrage, Med bonus damage, med duration bleed, med bonus to hit, high penalty to defense next round
    50 - Diamond Slash - High fatigue, use after successful Amethyst, High bonus damage, Very high bonus to hit

    Some Uber Inf Lewtz - (adding more soon... please email me with more) -
    The most you can increase a skill with items is (Lvl/5)+1 and Realm ranks are cumulative. Also your base stats cap is your original start plus 1.4 times char lvl
    Shadow Slinker Blade +7 quick and? Keltoi Ant room
    Bounder Fur Gloves [38] +5str +3Q +4BleedR +1Crit snodonia hill scrags
    Wristband of the eye (30)- +5D +5Q Arawnites snodonia & windbound cloak +7D +1Stl
    Jewel of Dark Beauty +3crit +3stlth hollowmen & grims
    Girdle of catlike movement(9) +5D +4Q waist Tylwyth Tegs in snowdonia & Pennine Mtns
    Dark Short Sword 7.4/2.7 slash+2 LEFT hand, yellow at 24
    Dark Keen Gladius 8.3/3.6 +5quickness, yellow at 24
    Dark Scimitar 7.5/3.2 Stg+2 Q+2 yellow at 24 Mithra
    Resplendent Mantle (cloak) +3Const +2D +2Str Yellow at 24 Keltoi
    Black Lion Jerkin (32) AF 58 +6Q +4 Cons Camp Forest or Black lion
    Embossed Bone Gladius 8.1/3.5 Thr+3 D+3 yellow at 24
    Keltoi Defender (thrust) 7.5/2.8 Parry+1 D+2 LEFT hand yellow at 24
    Keltoi Forrester's Ring +4D +2Str yellow at 24
    Keltoi Belt of Agility +4D +3Q yellow at 24
    Embossed Spider Tunic AF28 D+2 Str+2 HP+12 Green at 24
    Observers Helm AF48 +2Stealth +2D +2Q yellow at 24
    Observers Sleeves AF48 +4Q +4Str yellow at 24
    Amulet of Feline Graces +3D +2Q grey at 24
    Bloodied Leather Boots +1Evade +4D +2Q +1Evade Blue at 24
    Soft Doe Skin Boots AF40 +3Evade +3D +2Q Blue at 24
    Faded Boots of Dejected AF72 +2Const +2D Purple at 24
    Lightfoot Boots AF30 +5Q +1Stealth Green at 24
    Jewel of the Prowler +2Stealth +3D Yellow at 24
    Virulent Fishing Hook, Danoian Fishermen in Lyonesse. jewelry, grey at 35, Envenom +2, Body 4%, Dex+4, Quick+4
    Mithrian Long Sword 5.3/3.7 +3Str Green at 24 Mithra
    Hunter Rapier(22) 8.5/3.7 +4Q +1Thrust Drops off Cornwall hunter camp behind Cornwall Station
    Vest of Infamous Blade level 24 AF50 Q100% DW+4 Str+4 Q+4 Quest great item
    Ghoulic Viper Fang [40] 13.8/2.6 +3D +3Q +6Bleed Resist - Dropped from Ghoulic Viper in Barrows
    Claw of Rendering [40] 13.7/2.7 +4Q +4Str +6Bleed Resist Scaled Fiends in barrows. LEFT hand slash
    Crackling Impailer level40 epic- 14.1/2.7 +2Thrst +2Dex +9Quick Left 79DD
    Stone Splitter from Dartmoor. 15.3/2.5 Bonus 25% +2thrst +2D +4Q Left
    Shard of Grovewood thruster ... tree in druids room barrows 14.1/3.4 bonus 20% +3thrust 79 spirit-DD, 2 seconds
    Ivory Handled Stiletto [42] 14.1/2.3 +4Q +3DW Rare drop from Tylwyth Tegs.
    Frozen Heart Piercer 15.2/3.6 +2 Thrust +7Dex red at 37 Barrows, 88 cold-DD, 2 seconds
    Rancid Black Tooth(46) 15.3/2.5 +10Q +2DW Qua100% LEFT hand - 1 time drop. Blacktooth, named shadowhunter Snowdonia Hollowmen camp at night
    Thrusting Frenzy 16.2/2.7 .7lbs quality90% Bonus25% Left, 4pts envenom, thrust6% Body6% Dex+6 97-spirit-DD 3charges. Barfog Needletooth Devourer
    serrated lion fangs(slash)10.8/2.5-left, +2slash long lion fangs(thrust)+2 thrust Left (very nice I have 4 that last a long time in the 30s)
    diamond bastard - 16.2 dps 3.8 delay 90% quality 25% bonus+parry and something else, 95+ proc but no +slash
    Diamond dagger slashing, left , drops from Diamond backs, +3 env Llyn Barfog rare
    Archaic Assassin Vest AF102 10% 100%( 51) 35% Dex +16, HP +90 Dartmoor Golestandt
    Feather Light Granite Gauche 16.2/2.3 90% 0.8 46 25% Left, Dual Wield +5, Thrust +2, Body: 4% Y (DD)97ish proc Dartmoor Random Drop
    Powder Maker Thrusting 15.8/3.7 89% 1.8 45 25% Str +4, Thrust +2, Body: 6% Dartmoor Random Drop
    Darksword of Granite Slash 16.1/3.9 90% 1.5 45 25% Str +9, Slash +4, Body: 10% Y (DD) Dartmoor Random Drop
    Sable Sleeves of Dementia Leather AF84 10% 89% 2.4 (42) 20% Qui +4, Str +9, Cold4% Spirit4% Barrows Random Drop
    Sleeves of Ghostly Light Leather AF92 10% 89% 2.4 46 25% Dex +6, Qui +4, Str +10 Barrows Random Drop
    Jerkin of Ghostly Light AF92 10% 89% 4.0 46 25% Dex +4, Qui +3, Str +3, HP +21 Barrows Random Drop
    Crossbow of the Blackheart 15.2/5.2 89% 2.0 43 25% Crossbow +4 Barrows Random Drop
    Fine Asterite Shod Crossbow 14.1/5.0 89% 3.0 40 20% Crossbow +4 Barrows Random Drop
    Ancient Ebony Scimitar Slash 15.3/3.0 89% 1.5 43 25% Qui +7, Slash +2 Y (DD) Barrows Random Drop
    Symbol of Loyalty Ring 89% 0.1 45 0% Con +4, Dex +4, Str +4, HP +15 Lyonesse Pikemen
    Ring of Granite Enhancement 89% 1.0 49 25% HP +9, Crush +2, Slash +2, Thrust +2 Dartmoor Random Drop
    Troll Bone Necklace 1.0 18 ? Str +4, HP +6 Salisbury Plains Tomb Raider
    Human Tooth Necklace 89% 1.0 40 10% Dex +6, Qui +6, Str +6 Snowdonia Hollow Man
    Macabre Medallion 100% 0.5 41 20% Dex +6, Qui +6, HP +12, Stealth +2 Snowdonia Nasher Quest
    Opposition Pin View Jewelry 90% 0.4 50 25% Dex +6, Qui +4, Stealth +4 Dartmoor Random Drop
    Boots of Opposition AF98 10% 90% 0.8 49 25% Dex +21, Stealth +2, Heat: 4% Dartmoor Random Drop
    Cat Hide Boots AF50 (24)10% 100% 1.0 25 10% Dex +13, Stealth +2 Snowdonia Chesire
    Lightfoot Boots AF30 10% 90% 2.5 15 5% Qui +7, Stealth +1 Avalon Marsh Mud Golem
    Regal Sleeves AF98 10% 93% 1.4 49 30% Con +13, Qui +13, Str +13, Cold: 6% Barfog Legendary Afanc
    Regal Boots Af 98 10% 93% 1.0 49 30% Dex+13, Qui+13, Rejuv+3, Stealth+3 Barfog Legendary Afanc
    Regal Jerkin AF 98 10% 93% 3.0 49 30% Dex+18, Pie+18, HP+18 Barfog Legendary Afanc
    Regal Helm AF98 10% 93% 1.0 49 30% Con+13, Qui+13, HP+24, Cold: 8% Barfog Legendary Afanc
    Shadow-woven Sleeves AF100 Q100% (50) 35% - Dex +21, Str +18, Matter: 6%, Slash: 4% Camelot City
    Shadow-woven Boots AF100 Q 100% (50) 35% - Con +13, Dex +13, Qui +13, Cold: 8% Camelot City
    Shadow-woven Jerkin AF100 Q100% 35% - Dex +16, HP +36, Body: 8%, Cold: 8% Camelot City
    Shadow-woven Helm AF100 Q100% 35% - Dex +13, Qui +13, Str +13, Spirit: 8% Camelot City
    Shadow-woven Leggings AF100 Q100% 35% - Con +21, Qui +16, Crush: 6%, Heat: 6% Camelot City
    Shadow-woven Gloves AF100 Q100% 35% - Str +21, HP +21, ((Envenom +4)), Thrust: 4% Camelot City
    Infernal Jewel of Venom - Q90% (50) 25% Diamondx16 Dex +7, Str +7, ((Envenom +5)) Darkness Falls
    Infernal Black Diamond Ring - 91% (50) 25% Diamondx17 Con +12, Str +12, Cold: 10% Darkness Falls
    Bracer of Dire Omen Albion Bracers – (50) Con +21, Str +21 Darkness Falls
    Soul-forged Bracer Albion Bracers None - (50) Str +15, HP +51 Darkness Falls
    Celestial Cailiondar Jerkin AF100 Q 94% (50) 25% - Dex +10, Str +9, HP +42, Crush: 10% Lyonesse
    Afanc Hide Cloak - Q93% 1.5 50 30% - Cha +9, Con +12, Dex +12, Stealth +3 Barfog
    Gloves of Opposition AF94 89% 1.3 94 25% - Dex +7, Qui +15 Dartmoor
    Regal Leather Gloves are +3 envenom!! AF98 93% Qui +13, Str +13, Envenom +3, Parry +3 Barfog Afanc
    Golden Inlaid Sword 6.0/3.6 90% 2.0 17 5% Str +3, Slash +2 Slash (5) Avalon Marsh Mud Golem
    Knifeman's Silver Dagger 9.0/2.5 89% 1.0 25 5% Left Slash +4 Snowdonia Howling Knifeman
    Arawnite Longsword 9.4/3.4 2.0 27 10% Qui +4, Slash +3 Snowdonia Arawnites
    Huge Sharpened Boar Tusk Slash 12.6/2.6 100% 1.8 36 20% Left Qui +4, Str +4, Slash +3, Slash: 6% Snowdonia Grunge
    Tusker's Old Wound Slash 13.2/3.4 100% 2.3 37 20% Parry +2, Slash +2, Body: 8%, Body: 8% Y (DD) Cornwall Tusker
    Long Drake Talon Slash 13.8/3.5 89% 2.3 39 0% Cha +4, Slash +3 Cornwall Cornwall Drake
    Timber Walker's Slicer Slash 14.1/2.9 89% 2.0 40 15% Y Slash + Pennine Mountains Tylwyth Tegs / rover
    Keen Asterite Blade Slash 14.1/3.5 89% 1.8 40 20% Qui +4, Parry +2, Slash +1 Stonehenge Barrows Random Drop
    Cailiondar Bracer of Battle 90% 0.5 50 25% Cha +9, Con +7, Dex +7, Str +7 Lyonesse Cailleach Guard
    Cailiondar Bastard Sword Slash 16.1/3.8 91% 1.5 45 0% Str +10, Parry +2, Slash +4 Y (DD) Lyonesse Cailleach Guard
    Cailiondar Rapier Thrust 16.3/3.5 91% 1.5 49 0% Dex +7, Qui +6, Parry +2, Thrust +3 Y (DD) Lyonesse Cailleach Guard
    Darksword of Granite Slash 16.1/3.9 90% 1.5 45 25% Str +9, Slash +4, Body: 10% Y (DD) Dartmoor Random Drop
    Ellyll Sword Slash 16.1/3.2 89% 2.0 45 20% Str +7, Slash +3 Y (DD) Slash (25) Snowdonia Ellyll Guard 95+proc
    Ellyll Rapier Thrust 16.2/2.4 89% 1.5 46 20% Qui +4, Thrust +3 Pennine Mountains Ellyll Guard Penninne or villagers
    Lava Forged Sword Slash 16.1/2.7 90% 0.9 45 25% Left Dex +7, Qui +7, Slash +4 Y (DD) 97ish procDartmoor Random Drop
    Molten Magma Sword Slash 15.8/2.7 89% 1.2 45 25% Left Dex +6, Slash +3 Y (DD) Dartmoor Random Drop
    Facimil Slash 16.2/3.2 91% 1.1 46 25% Dex +9, Qui +9, Slash +4 Y (DD) Dartmoor Random Drop
    Feather Light Granite Axe Slash 16.2 2.3 90% 0.5 46 0% Dual Wield +3, Slash +4, : 2% Y (DD) Dartmoor Random Drop
    Mouth’s Tooth Thruster – 16.2/2.8 (left) Thr+5 Dex+4 DW+5 DD97 cold (named epic mobs barfog)
    King's Nail Thrusting Thrust 16.1 2.8 93% 0.8 50 30% Y Qui +6, Dual Wield +4, Thrust +5 Y (97 DD)
    Sheer Granite-slicer Thrust 15.2/3.2 89% 1.6 43 25% Dex +9, Thrust +4 Y (DD) Dartmoor Random Drop
    Gladius of the Battlelord Thrust 16.2/3.5 89% 3.0 46 25% N HP +21, Thrust +2 Pennine Mountains Ellyll Guard
    Gorged Rapier of Smiting Thrust 16.2/3.2 90% 1.7 46 25% Parry +3, Thrust +3, Cold: 4%, Thrust: 6% Llyn Barfog Needletooth Devourer
    barker slasher yellow at 13 & 14 5.1/3.1 +2slash
    Infernal Jewel of Venom (50) Env+5 D+7 Str+7
    Atramentous Ichor Jerkin AF98 hits30 D+10 Q+10
    Atramentous Ichor Leggings AF98 C+12 Q+12 D+12
    Atramentous Ichor Guantlets AF98 DW+4 Q+12 D+9
    Avernal Malison Dirk 16.2/2.2 (left) DW+5 C+9 D+7 DD 331
    Avernal Malison Short Sword 12/2.8 (left) DW+5 Q+6 Str+6 DD 331
    Accursed cloak of shadows Stealth+2 D+7 C+7
    Accursed Bracer of skill (43)DW+2 Stl+2 D+7
    Eternal Strife Gauntlets AF66 10% (33) Emeraldx23 Con +3, Qui +6, Critical Strike +2 Darkness Falls
    Timber Walker's Slicer (45)14.1/2.9 Slash +5 Strg+12 Q+6 Q89% 15% Tylwyth Teg Rover Snowdonia
    Deathtale (minstrel?) 14/1/3.7 HP+27 +4slash Q100% DD79 quest level 40
    Fiery Hound Tooth (35) 14.1/3 DW+1 HP+21 Q89% DD79 Usable in the left hand. Gabriel Hound Lyonesse
    Crypt Robbers Bracer -- +1 stealth (ketoi or Cornwall Hunters?) Jewel of Dark Beauty -- +3 Stealth (Snowdon Grims) Jewel of the Prowler -- +2 Stealth (Keltoi) Opposition Pin -- +4 Stealth (Dartmoor) Shadowhands Cloak -- +1 Stealth (Llyn Barfog) Windbound Cloak -- +1 Stealth (Arawnites) Level 30 Epic Cloak of Shades +2 Stealth, Belt of etheric mist +3 in Barrows
    Timber Walker's Defender 14.0 2.2 - Danaoin Bladeblocker 14.1 3.0 - Fiery Hound Tooth 14.1 3.0 - Ancient Ebony Scimitar 15.3 3.0 - Shard of the Stonewatch 15.3 3.5 - Sheer Ruby Scale-splitter 15.6 3.1 - Frenzy Axe 16.1 2.7 - Death's Touch - Death's Dancer lvl 40 epics 14+dps +proc
    asterite blade, illustrious adamantium guarded rapier Stonewatch Bracer.... more coming

    Solo Ideas
  • The tricks to successful soloing are to find MOBs that don't BAF (bring a friend) & MOBs that don't hang out in high ADD areas. Neutral MOBs are great if they don't change status. Also it helps if the MOB has losses to attacking leather and also for you to get bonuses for your Spec Style (thrust/slash) Another key is 'down time' between kills needs to be low. In otherwords have at least 1/2 HP left after battle works best. Remember to use the hit n run tactics on some and be sure to practice your evade moves because you have less down time. Also have extra poison ready for resists. Try the 'Bestiary' link at the bottom of this web page even though it's limited it still helps.
  • At 10 Solo Orange Drakes, Slaves & Yellow boars Horses & adders. Also Orange & Yellow in Mithra's. Also Orange Rovers are easy in the plains but watch out for adds. Lots of thrust bonuses in Plains. Solo yellow nymphs & rovers & raiders for 16000xp with little down time.
    Tasks are great xp only available thru 20 so use them. Just right click a guard and say "task" Different guards give tasks for different levels. Be sure to make the final death hit if you have a friend with you. West downs Guards Tasks 16 or so to 20 & at south plains tower
  • Low 20's - Level 22 Solo'd Yellow & Orange Con Black Bears near the broken tower in Corwall by the road are great xp for slashers. (maybe thrusters too) Got 225k xp on yellows finished with 2/3 hp left. Move up to the trees along the road and do trees until you can do moor boogeys at the camp over the ridge. Do them non-stop til they green out, the soul gems they drop can be turned in for some xp bonuses. Exhchange the gems to the merchant by the tree up the hill from the ants. Then move up to hamadryads til 40 or so. Basically, if you're slash spec, you can't go wrong with trees and wolves. Also we have plusses on Giant Rooters from 30 - 36 & they have losses
  • Also Llyn Barfog bears, then hobgoblins. -- Mid 20's -- Snowdonia small rock bounders, then bwcas. High 20's - Snowdonia howling knifemen, Low 30's - faerie frogs in Snowdonia (even 29) Solo neutral Frogs in far SE corner of Salisbury Plains during the day only(30) 35 take the port to Hibernia.. behind the keep are these big funny looking creatures(not the boogie men) they are easy to kill at 35 and are a yellow con. you can also take the portal to Midgard and fight just outside the portal keep. Blue zombies and wolves to 35 and yellow lizards to 38. Watch out for the dwarfs! Dunters in Lyonesse are suppose to be good at 29 or 30.
  • 34 - Barrows entrance pull gobs. At 35 Legionnaires outside Catacombs Also yellow Avernal Quasits are nice in DF for thrusters. Pull with Xbow. Low 30s Actually lots of mobs are good to PULL in DF because they dont usually BAF. Plated Fiends at 25+ At 36 Solo Neutral Dartmore Ponies, Cornwall Rooters are good but you need to pull them because they BAF. XP is 4.5 mil to 8.5 mil for yellows. Barrows entrance orange & yellow undead bandits etc but the xp is not as good as ponies because of heavy respawns.

    RvR Tips (from experienced players posts)
  • Try beginning a fight with Crippling Poison, DoT. After a PA, CD, switch to Evervating poison. Depending on the situation, either melee or run from the target as you see fit.
  • Try weakening on slow/first strike weapon; DOT on primary fast weapon; disease on off hand weapon and have a fourth weapon in bag with snare (switch out with one of first weapons if target is a runner).
  • NEVER run from a caster unless you decide to run after you land the CD. And if you hesitate for even a slight second after CD, you might as well stay to finish the fight. Or else, it's stun / mez / root > followed by 4 nukes. THE BIGGEST trick about fighting casters or anyone else for that matter is this: When you see them quickcast a spell to mez/root/etc while your beating down on them, move forward so that your directly ontop of them. That'll interrupt their quickcast spell (because they won't be able to target you).
  • Have a few weapons with crippling poison in your inventory. Keep your inventory open during a fight (takes some time getting used to this). When in a fight, your poisons don't always stick so you need to mouse-click switch different weapons to make sure your poisons land. NEVER run from a fight unless the crippling poison lands or unless you feel lucky
  • Practice doing PA while moving. I don't like standing a bit aways from the target, lining up, /stick, PA. I like to line up the PA as I move and right when i'm just at the target, I PA. This is because there's that 3 second time frame where you're invisible. After that 3 seconds, you could be spotted... thus I like to PA without much hesitation around the target.
  • In a large fight, An option is to sit back and assist kill a target that's already been engaged. The second is to pick out a soft target like a caster and drop him fast. After you unstealth, continue to slug out in that fight or run off, stealth, and retarget. It takes a bit of time when you run off to stealth so might be best to stick around and continue your fight or else it might be over by the time you're ready to attack again. Also, because of the lag associated with large fights, I tend to pick out targets along the edge of the fight, not in the middle of the fight so it reduces lag and allows me to escape easier.
  • In some rare times, you might run into a lone tank. These can be juicy targets but you must kite them to be successful. Begin your attack with Crippling and Disease. Make sure Crippling sticks! Immediately run after your CD, restealth, come back with Envervating and DoT poison to finish him off. If he runs away from you (a smart tank), chase him unstealthed, hit him with DoT, and run off.
  • Remember that usually if you see a large group move about from, lets say PK to Center Keep, don't follow them. Stay back for a little bit because there's usually a straggler or two. Those are your targets... not the group of enemies running around. Be patient and wait for a strike. However, if you see an opportunity, don't hesitate a slight bit to jump on that opportunity.
  • If you simply can't find the ideal target, and you're impatient, you can opt to exchange deaths... pick out the soft caster target, attack him until he dies and get the points for killin him. Expect to die in this scenerio... BUT the trade off would be good. Casters generally are worth good realm points and the points you give up would usually be shared between a group of people.
  • One of the best ways for me to spot a stealther is to run a semi-tight circle at the last location where you spotted a stealther. Running that circle gives you a greater chance of staying within his 3 second bubble circle. After you complete that circle, move off a bit in any direction and run another circle. But to be honest, it's pretty hard to spot a stealther unless they're lower lvls than you. Even then, it takes patience.
  • Against an enemy stealther, it comes down to who spots who first. Having trained in Slash helps alot too... but it usually comes down to whoever gets the PA off first.
  • One strategy that works is to /stick to a 'friendly' scout. After a scout unstealths to attack, he almost becomes an immediate target for other assassins. Be patient because the scout WILL be attacked. That is where you jump in and surprise the attacker.
  • If you're in BG, a great strategy is to attack an enemy on the bridge, and jump off the bridge to restealth when you get into trouble. Sometimes, enemies have a really hard time jumping up the side wall of the bridge to follow you when you try to escape. Practice this because you don't want to be caught jumping several times and not clearing the side of the bridge.
  • Try to hunt with a few buddies. A group of assassins can wreck havoc if you work together. Always drop casters first and tanks second. STAY AWAY from zerkers.. not sure if they still hurt like they do pre 1.50 patch but they hurt like a mutha before.
  • Enemies... Berserkers, bards, skalds, sb's worry me. That doesn't mean I won't attack them - but the odds have to be on my side. Casters, healers, tanks (alone) I have no fear of - though healers and tanks are not easy pickings. Hunters/rangers and NS are mine to chew up - only slightly more difficult than a caster because of hitpoints.
  • Another idea for Lining up a BS or PA: Move to align with the target, yet stay away from the target at max /stick range. Once aligned, hit /stick and it pulls you right to either the front or back of them. As you get close (before you stop/stick) hit the BS2 or PA. On BS2 follow up with Thigh Cut (same weapon) then switch and hit garrote. After PA switch then hit garrote.
  • Usually opt for PA over BS2. On a succesful PA you may sprint thru the target hit /stick and auto swing around to engage from the back - this helps with SB's - anything to keep their weapon off you really helps win against them.
  • While it is nice to find that lone caster sitting down ... work on how to be group friendly. You might leave a number of easy targets where they are because at the time you're scouting for the group - trying to locate the middies/hibs. Or sending back information on all these weird other-realmers you're surrounded by.
  • If in large scale fights - think about what is the best target for the group. By this I mean - mezzers/healers/casters. Generally there are enough other classes around to handle the tanks, and scouts can duel it out with scouts. So, either hang back and protect your casters/healers or take on theirs.
  • Once you pop into the face of a healer/druid and whack em with a PA. 2 or 3 of those tanks are headed your way - taking them out of the fight. You don't have to kill the healer/caster - your goal is diversionary. For one, it scares the hell out of the healer, two it scares the hell out of the group, who now have to come save their healer, and 3 - it really is quite exciting to execute. Once you have hit the healer, don't stay. Just get the initial poison/DOT on them and run (if you can). You are not doing this to die - but to strike fear, intimidation and confusion into them. Getting away helps - they know you are out there, but have no idea where.
  • When you run into another backstaber, try just standing still and let them come to you. Make sure that you use your PA first. If you hit it too early, you can turn to the side so that they miss theirs too. (try the /stick to spin if they attempt a BS, it might shock them)
  • Keep defense: -Here is a trick with the gatekeeper. Stealth up, warp outside your fort, and find an eazy target. Blue casters, injured people, sitting people, etc. Right click on the gatekeeper, and immediately move to PA your target. If your quick, you will dissapear inside your right after you land the PA. Rinse and Repeat. -When the attackers are on the 2nd door you can sometimes get one targeted. Their bodies often come through the door (lag), or you can target their arms. Once you get them targeted, Proceed to PA through the door.
  • Making the getaway is something that you get good at. Just mash that sprint, and keep moving. If somebody with a run buff attacks you, their run buff drops. Simply keep moving and trying to stealth.

    Realm abilities:
    Details (Mythic) To determine how many Realm Skill Points you should have, take your Realm Rank multiplied by 10, and your realm level, and subtract 10. The "subtract 10" is what's not immediately obvious, because everyone starts from 0 at Realm Rank 1. Thus, someone with Realm Rank 1 level 1 should have 1 realm skill point (1 x 10 + 1 - 10 = 1) and someone with Realm Rank 5 level 4 should have 44 realm skill points (5 x 10 + 4 - 10 = 44). (RR4 is about 220k. RR5 is 500k ish.)
    Zee wants ... (43)RPs ...Vanish 30min timer(10) ...lvl-4 Tireless(10) ...lvl-2 Quickness+12(3) ...lvl-4 Dodger+12% evade(10) ... lvl-3 MoS +15%faster (10) ... or maybe Purge(10)
    Xee wants ... (38)RPs ...See Hidden(8) ...lvl-3 Augment Strength+18(6) ...lvl-5 Mastery of Arms +15% attack speed(14) ...Vanish(10)

    Zee Vs. Xee
    Comparo section - BG 35 Zeemee ruled with her high stealth while Xeemee got owned. Nowhere to hide and poor armor plus all that magic flyin around and that SLooooo stealth 12 crawl... ack.... Zeemee seemed to pretty much kill anyone and I wish I DW more often so I could get my poisons off both weps but much more practice is needed for this RvR n00b.

    Zeemee's new Inf Xeemee Infiltrainer level 35 -
    Briton Slasher +21str +9quick to start (recommend 5Q 5D 20S)
    16 Level - 15Slash, 16Envenom, 10CS, Auto-Stealth
    20 Level - 15Slash, 18Envenom, 20CS, Stealth
    25 Level - 20Slash, 23Envenom, 24CS, Stealth
    29 Level - 29Slash, 23Envenom, 25CS, Stealth
    31 Level - 29Slash, 23Envenom, 25CS, Stealth +items
    35 Level - 29(37)Slash, 34(40)Envenom, 29(32)CS, Stealth +items
    36 Level - 29(37)Slash, 32(38)Envenom, 29(32)CS, 23(31) Stealth
    37 Level - 29(37)Slash, 32(38)Envenom, 29(32)CS, 25(33)Stealth
    38 Level - 29(37)Slash, 32(38)Envenom, 30(33)CS, 29(32)Stealth
    39 Level - 29(37)Slash, 32(38)Envenom, 29(32)CS, 29(37)Stealth
    40 Level - 29(38)Slash, 32(38)Envenom, 34(37)CS, 29(38)Stealth
    LEVEL 50 --- STL39(50) Slsh46(57) CS46(50) Env39(50) DW1() Thr1(1) ... or ... with RR4 ... STL36(50) Slsh50(65) CS46(54) Env37(50) DW1(5) Thr1(1)
    Items --- Envenom +4frenzy(swap) +3Gloves +5Jewel(swap) --- Stealth +3Belt +3Jewel +2medallion +2cloak +1bracer --- CS +3Jewel +1bounder-gloves --- Slash +1bracer +2ring +4sword(col) + 4sword(lava) or Darksword ---

    Xeemee's Leveling Diary
  • So far have been in a Duo with a Thur. Easy leveling. Did bandits at tower & by West Downs also Plains MOBs. Solo upper Mithra at level 9. Wearing Yellow player made full suit. No stealth so Xbow is nice with Flight Bodkin Broad Bolts to pull & damage. I get in 2 shots before I switch to poisoned Orange Bright Steel Daggers which are nice & fast. The broad sword & others were slow and nerve wracking. Soloing yellows and oranges in Mithra with 1/2 to 1/4hp left for upto 2900xp.
  • Level 10 - Duo'd with inf to crush Red Brownie Rovers & Orange adders in the Plains. Solo Orange Drakes, Slaves & Yellow boars Horses & adders. Also Orange & Yellow in Mithra's.
  • Level 11 - Solo'd orange rovers & grouped in the plains. Good xp was 4000 to 7000 per mob. Will try tasks for level 12. Wearing player made yellow Cured Roman Leather with Bright Steel Short Swords 4.5/2.8 & Silvered Gem Dagger 4.1/2.0 - Level 12 stats are Stealth-3 Slash-12 CS-6 Envenom-11
  • Level 13 - Stuck with the plains. grouped nymphs, slaves, purple giants, aged basilisks and boars for good xp. Solo'd yellow nymphs and rovers and raiders for 16000xp with little down time. West downs Guards are finally giving Tasks so I will try them next level - Level 14 stats are Stealth-3 Slash-14 CS-6 Evenom-14
  • Level 17 - is more of the same but tasks are nice xp and easy if not far away. guard at WD and south plains tower. Also did centurions with nice group or great xp in the plains by the broken bridge in SE. Duo orange giants at 17 for 70k xp. Orange nymphs west of barrows if you have group with mez. 17--STL4(4) Slsh15(18) CS14(14) Env15(15)--wearing hard cymric player made using dark scim 7.5/3.2 -- Yellow Huge Boar damage Uppercut 35(+3) plus 22 poison & Opal Slash 45(+4) plus 22 for 65dps average -- Large skelis at night good(mercs BAF) (SE plains)
  • Level 19 - wow .. got 2 levels in 1 night with a group in Keltoi Ant room.(18 & 19) Now level 20 stats are 17--STL5(5) Slsh15(19) CS18(18) Env18(20) got virulent fishing hook from friend.(+2 Envenom)
  • Level 21 still in Keltoi good xp about 200k per mob with right group in ant room. Wearing Observer & Bloodied armor Using orange Shining fine alloy Scimitar 8.1/3.2 98%quality and orange Glowing Mithrel Dagger 9.0/2.4 99% Quality (scim does more damage...go figure... this shows that slower weapon speed does more damage per hit even if quality and dps are lower) STL5(9) Slsh15(18) CS21(21) Env19(19) DW 1(5) WeaponSkill-233 WeaponDamage-705 HP-387 AF-215 Strength-104 Dex-107 Q-95
    I had an interesting experience last night. After trying to form a 'balanced' group in Keltoi late at night without much luck, I formed a rag tag group of sorcerers, wizards, rogues and a cleric between 19 - 22. At 22 I was the main tank as I pulled Yellow, Orange & the occasional Red CON to 'The Ledge'. I truly got an idea of what it's like to play a tank. I drew the aggro and I was lead target chooser. I had to watch that a wizzie didn't accidentaly pull a mezzed mob so I'd change targets and run over to pull aggro just in time to save the mage and then have 2 orange mobs on me. Evade worked great and heals were minimal but steady action all around with the focus of all the high damage from the team on 1 mob. I got to use all kinds of styles and poisons and really felt like a tank doing a great job. No stealth, no perf, no plate armor, rag tag and rawkin' with decent xp to boot.
  • Level 22 report on bears. Great xp for slashers. Solo'd Yellow & Orange Con Black Bears near the broken tower in Corwall by the road. Got 225k xp on yellows finished with 2/3 hp left. Used Garrot for average 75(+7) damage. WD=708 WS=244

    More Going Solo Ideas -- Low 20's - Llyn Barfog bears, then hobgoblins. Mid 20's - Snowdonia small rock bounders, then bwcas. High 20's - Snowdonia howling knifemen, Low 30's - faerie frogs in Snowdonia or Salisbury. 35 take the port to Hibernia.. behind the keep are these big funny looking creatures(not the boogie men) they are easy to kill at 35 and are a yellow con.. you can also take the portal to Midgard and fight just outside the portal keep. Blue zombies and wolves to 35 and yellow lizards to 38. Watch out for the dwarfs!
    (post) “20, go to Cornwall station and start hunting the wolves and bears there. Move up to the trees along the road and do trees until you can do moor boogeys at the camp over the ridge. Do them non-stop til they green out, the soul gems they drop can be turned in for major exp bonuses. Then move up to hamadryads til 40 or so. Basically, if you're slash spec, you can't go wrong with trees and wolves. Also we have plusses on Giant Rooters from 30 - 34 & they have losses”
  • Level 23 update - orange & red bwgan fishermen in barfog with a 25 level Pali & low downtime. Seems like my cap was about 480xp per mob but I did get a few even higher. It took about 2 hours to get a full level. Pulled w/xbow then used pincer for about 45+15 dps they resisted DOT poison but not weakening. Also did P/As for about 125hp. The ones next to the water didn’t BAF in fact acted like neutrals. (more testing - just finished soloing orange boogeys, orange bwcas and orange cornish hens in cornwall. all gave above 400k xp at my inf level 23. Yellow trees gave same xp but i had less down time because i only lost about half hp. Orange trees hit too hard but i will try again with my +2 envenom hook with a better dot poison. For yellow trees i would pull with xbow then run and stealth as it chased me down then I would sometimes get a perf in before it got to me but usually just switched between garrott & uppercut. Actually got 520k xp on 1 yellow tree!! :o)
  • Level 24 update - Bah... long level. Solo yellow trees in cornwall but 1 mistake and you loose the xp. Hard getting good group but got lucky did a bit in cats but too hard for the group so we did purple rooters near cats for 650k xp. Used pincer for about 35dmg which was similar to garrot at times. Poison usually worked too. Stats at 25 are AF254 HP482 WS290 WD806 Mithrel Scim Strength113 Dex110 with items Wearing Observer/Molded & Bloodied Armors. Stealth6(2) Slash20(24) Thrst1 CS24 DW1(5) Env23(25)
  • Level 25 update - goofed around for slow xp in keltoi & cornwal. loose whole bubble if you die & release. Got lots of drops in Keltoi and good$. Pincer did dmg on par with garrot. Stats at 26 Str113 Con79 D110 Q95 WS316 WD900 HP499 AF258 Stealth6(2) Slash23(27) Thrst1 CS24 DW1(5) Env23(25)using red serrated lion fangs & orange mithrel scim.
  • Level 26 update - Tried groups in cats when I could get one. The Side Slicer style is perfect in groups. For me the damage is similar to garrot but WAY less endurance cost. (must be my slash level compared my CS level) Also usually pulled aggro so had to keep reflect handy. I also wound up soloing yellow trees in Cornwall again. This time I perfected the hit-n-run tactic and got 2 bubs in 45 minutes. ----tactic First quickbar setup is important. 1-RH wep, 2-LH wep, 3-Perf, 4-uppercut, 5-/stick, 6-stealth, 7-2handwep slot, 8-xbow. I would DOT my weps and pull one yellow tree out with xbow at range. The i would turn and run. As I ran I readied the LH & RH weps and kept trying to stealth. When I stealthed i turned and timed the perf just before he reached me for 215+ damage +39 for poison and 7 bleed next round. Then I /stick and just Uppercut him for about 50 damage + poison. I would get hit 1 to 5 times before he died. Oh also I tried using minor crippling and it DID root the tree only about 2 seconds or until I hit him again. Maybe the High crippling will root longer. STATS@27 -- WS356 WD903 HP515 AF262 Stealth6(10) Slash25(30) Thrst1 CS24 DW1(7) Env23(25) (I'll be testing the effects of strength buffs and weapon skill soon)
  • Level 27 Update - More the same. Easy leveling in Cats group. /assist works great. Cleave has nice damage. 28 was easy in Cats group. Also farming Keltoi for Bracer drops and getting everything but from all the green mobs.
  • Level 29 Update - Got Amythest Slash!! WoW great damage. Im full spec slash now so damage is high. 29 is easy in Barrows group without a cleric. XP 600k per orange goblin. We get 3 at a time with lo downtime. Im using a Mithrel Saber 10.5/3.6 99%Quality and 2 Serrated Lion Fangs. 10.8/2.5 100%quality left, +2slash. The Saber is doing higher damage and the Perfs on a purple retainer are 112+.... update... Wow! I cant say enough about this orange glowing mithrel saber. Im soloing Orange Gobs in the Barrows for 2mil xp each with 1/2 hp left. I pull with xbow then run back stealth and perf for 150dmg. A/S does 65-85dmg + 38 for DOTs so they fall fast :o) Sometimes I miss the perf AND get a poison resist on first attempt but still kill Goblins with 1/4hp left.
  • Level 30 Update - Stats are Stealth7(11) Slash29(34) CS25(28) Envenom26(30) WS412 WD1001 capped Hp620 AF287 Str125 Con91 Dex107 Q90 Using mostly Molded armor & Serrated Fangs & Mithrel Saber. Using Lesser Lethal for 46 per tick (with thrusting frenzy) Side note:I went and tested perf on Grey Boulderlings I capped at 322 using iron dagger & capped at 415 using Mithrel Scim. hmmm I will try Echoes today. Echos deserted so I went to DF and bought the ring and the bracer. Solo yellow & Blue plated fiends at the same time with 2/3 hp left. Using Saber I do 80 dmg + 40 poison on yellows per round! 180 on blues dead in 3 rounds! Shift I shows fang has 10.5 effective dps and saber has 9.6 effective dps but does about 20% more dmg.
  • Level 32 Update - Level 31 & 32 & 33 were about the same. Solo'd DF Greens thru oranges. Grouped vigs for 4+ mil xp. with amethyst i did 90 damage per turn using 97% quality red asterite saber and major lethal venom. Also had thur in group with damage buff and blade turn. I would use my fast lion fangs without styles for the best most consistant damage and would get aggro near the end which was no prob. About 85 damage per turn without poison.
  • Level 34 Update - wow! got greater venom (fish hook & frenzy +6) doing 60 per tick avg for dmg over 100 per turn on vigs... that's similar to my perf! Using detaunt near the end of battles because aggro is very easy to get if not careful. Finished up level 34 doing Fallen Warriors in a full group we pull 3 and r0x0r them without mez. They were tough but xp was fast and chaotic.
  • Level 35 Update - FINALLY --- Xee caught up with Zee. both need a few better pieces of armor maybe dejected or player made. Xee stats are WS-528 WD-1169 HP-669 AF-343 Str-132 Con-89 Dex-130(cap) Qui-100 Stlt-8 Slsh-38 Thr-4 CS-33 DW-3 Env-40 using Tuskers old Wound 100% on all 13.2/3.4 effective dps-11.7 and the asterite Saber eDPS-10.6 .... Zee stats are WS-438 WD-1157 HP-609 AF-332 Str-72 Con-72 Dex-164 Qui-108 Stl-35 Slsh-6 Thr-25 CS-39 DW-6 Env-30 Using-Shard of Grovewood 14.1/3.4 89%Q eDPS 10.4 & lionfangs eDPS 10.8 ---- I think that since Xee has low stealth she will have a hard time in BG but do well in PvE. Zee has high stealth & does pretty good in BG. Pulling with Xbow Xee did 95(-14) amethyst damage +60 DOT for 165 (+35 adjusted avg DW damage)per turn on yellow Avernal Quasits. With 2/3 hp left. That is with (-14) slash loss. 150 avg on Orange with 1/3 left. Zee used Garotte & AH for 99(+14) & 41 venom for total of 140 avg damage. with (+14) thrust bonus and heavy cost to endurance & 3/4HP left. Zee's 35 Stealth is soo easy to use too, making PA/CD combos devastating. 590HP damage with venom from the 1st two rounds on Blue Plated Fiends, while Xee managed 560 without C/D on 1st two rounds but stealth was tense. Zee needs a player made Asterite Gladius. AND she bought one! 99% quality 11.7 effective dps!! woot. So we went down to do pygmys in Lyonesse. Zee was pathetic because of thrust loses. her fast fangs were great WITH a damage buff though. No styles needed. Thats the best tactic. Xee crushed them for 90(+12) per amethyst hit and didn't use poison. I recommend doing the Pyg house because the tangler pyg's come 12 at a time. Can you say dirt nap?
  • Level 36 Update - Well, in a flury of battle lust Zeemee accidentaly leveled before finishing BG... She has 5 realm points to spend. Zee stats: WS-458 WD-1188 HP-648 AF-366 Stl-28(36) SL-5(6) Thr-21(26) CS34(39) DW-6 Env-26(30) Str78 Con81 Dex167(cap) Q118 Also has AQ-2 Dodger-1 Tireless-1 Using Orange 99% Quality Asterite Gladius with 12.0/3.7 effective DPS & Long Lion Fangs also many other high level assorted weps. Solo Dartmore Ponies, Cornwall Rooters and Legionnaires outside Catacombs. XP is 4.5 mil to 8.5 mil for yellows. Zeemee finishes yellow ponies with about ľ HP left: BSII combo does 314+ stun, PA combo 387+ bleed, PA for about 285, Hamstring/Leaper combo for about 235, Garotte/AH combo for about 220. These Numbers are using Asterite Saber. Poison does about 34 per tick. The fast yellow Long Lion Fangs do very poor damage but are fast.

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